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By C. Bottici

Do we rule states during the comparable implies that were used to rule participants? males and States tackles this factor through examining the presuppositions of the family analogy and gives the instruments to evaluate its validity in numerous contexts and theories.

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As we can see, this reasoning is structured upon an analogical inference, as it is based on extending the validity of a certain proposition X 24 Men and States from one particular situation to another considered similar; the more similarity there is, or rather, the number and importance of the propositions valid for both situations, the greater the strength of the analogy. In this definition, the proposition X is equal to ‘subjection to a common power is a condition for social order’ and therefore refers to a specific type, however paradigmatic, as we will see, of domestic analogy.

While trying to reconstruct the role that the domestic analogy plays in such a debate, I will follow the same classification criteria used by Bull himself (Bull 1966a: 37). According to Bull, the various theories of international relations can be classified in line with how they relate to the idea of international society (Bull 1966a: 37). If we are to follow such a criterion, they can be grouped under three fundamental conceptions: (1) (2) (3) The view according to which international anarchy implies the absence of such a society, formulated by those who describe international relations in terms of a Hobbesian state of nature and cannot see any way out of this condition.

The Domestic Analogy 23 In such a case, we are no longer faced with an analogy between two different situations, but an identity. This is particularly important in the logic of juridical argumentation, where it is always necessary to distinguish between analogy and identity (Becker 1973). As I have noted, the use of analogy in the field of juridical argumentation is more limited than may be thought. It must be limited to comparing particular factors in juridical systems distinguished by time, geographical space or the subject matter being dealt with.

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