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By Evelyn Rogers

Gunned down after a financial institution theft, Cad Rankin is available an opportunity to avoid wasting his soul if he can retailer a stricken western city from its lawless methods, a undertaking that turns out hopeless till he meets convent-raised Amy Lattimer.

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She shifted to an angle; he followed, propping his hands on either side of her. She fell on her elbows. "Ouch," she said. She was practically lying down, underneath him, which he figured was the best place she could be. " he said, concentrating on her parted lips, full and rosy. When her tongue flicked out for a second, then disappeared, he almost moved in to suck it our again. " Her eyes were concentrating on his bare shoulders and arms and his naked chest. "Goodness," she said. "Oh, it'll be good all right," he said.

The good feeling didn't last. With his heart twisting tighter and the voice fading, the gentleness disappeared. "Get away from me," he growled, as much at the stranger as at the pain, his eyes open wide once again. " "Who are you? " The knob to the outside door turned. "Oh, dear," said Dudley. "Mr. Stone. Lie still, Cadmus, until I can send him on another mission. " Cad lay stretched out on the table, eyes closed as he listened to the undertaker bustling around him. Angel? Embalmed? Angels weren't for real, Page 25 and embalming wasn't natural.

Cad couldn't work up much anger. Under the circumstances, he'd have done the same thing. He heard the rustle of a woman's skirt. He'd always had a hankering for women, and more than a few had returned the interest. Women of a wanton nature, that is. They seemed partial to his grizzly-bear face.  . He stopped himself. No need adding to the fire in his gut. " Damn, thought Cad. A respectable woman. He should have known. Something stung him in the arm. " "Shucks, Ma," a boy grumbled, "I was just chuckin' 'em at the bank robber.

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